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Mountain District Dog Club’s experienced instructors offer training for all levels of obedience, from puppies and beginners through to preparation for VCA Trials.

There are two training session times, beginners are encouraged to come along at 10am to meet the team and introduce your dog.

You can download a membership application form to complete before you attend, speeding up the time taken to enrol you to the club and giving you more time to meet the other members.

We’ve all been beginners, and we know it can feel daunting when you look out onto the training ground and see “the pack” doing their thing.

But don’t be daunted, we’ll take the time to teach you the correct way to handle yourself and your dog and before you know it, you’ll be doing all the moves without even thinking what you feet are up to!

Introducing your pup to obedience training is a big step to building a great relationship with your dog. A kind and patient approach will put your youngster in good stead to move onto more “grown-up” training.

We make training fun and that’s the best approach with all dogs, especially the young ones. With their short attention span, sessions are devised with this in mind.

Class 1 will develop the basic handling skills taught during your Beginners/Puppy Class.

You will be mastering walking with your dog at your side, heeling at slower and faster paces. Your relationship with your dog will be growing and this will allow you to work with your dog on a looser lead.

Other new elements, such as Stay, are introduced too, helping your dog maintain a level of concentration and self control.

By Class 2 you and your dog will be working nicely together and this is shown by your dog walking to heel on a looser lead. The trust will have developed between you too, your dog will be standing nicely for someone to examine them, a critical skill to help make visits to the vet more comfortable for all parties.

The recall is introduced at this level too, and we work with you to build your confidence in your dog and your handling skills.

Class 3 brings some polish to the handling skills you have developed in the previous classes.

Your handling confidence will be improved and this will allow you start to work with your dog off lead. We will introduce new elements as you become ready, we do not expect more from you and your dog than you are capable of at any stage, it’s all about having fun whilst getting the best from your dog.

Classes 4 & 5 perfect your handling skills. You and your dog will be working as a team, and your time spent in earlier classes will be paying off. You will have a happy, well mannered and socialised dog.

At this level, if you wish to pursue VCA Trails you can undertake sessions to prepare you and your dog for success. If VCA Trials don’t interest you, that’s fine with us, our mission is to help you get the very best from your dog and enjoy every moment with them.

This class is run when numbers permit, kids can train in the junior class from age 10 right up to 16 years

parents must be present for the duration of the class.

If you are not sure what level of training you and your dog would be, don’t worry, come along and our instructors can advise you.


There is no training on Public Holidays unless otherwise advised.


PLEASE NOTE: Heat Policy – If the weather report on the Saturday evening is for temperatures 34 degrees or above for the Sunday there will be NO training. 

Please use common sense with your dog.  We will monitor all sessions and call any training off if necessary.

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