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Useful Links


Dog Relevant Facebook Pages


Breed Information and Puppies available


Online Clubs


If you are looking for information on things to do with your dog in your local area, then you will find the Paw Club a very useful site, join the PawClub today


Events and Event Information Websites a site maintained to provide those interested in Obedience, Tracking and Endurance with information on Victorian Events. You’ll find up to date information regarding recent and upcoming Trials

Online Directories


Fancy a cappuccino or a bite to eat? Want to take your pooch too? Check out DoggyDining – a directory of dog friendly cafes in the Melbourne area. If you have a favourite venue where your dog is as welcome as you, you can share it at DoggyDIning


Education and Training


First Aid for Dogs – It is simply all too easy for your pet to sustain an injury, from dog bites to snake bites, paws cut on glass to choking on food. Do you know how to save your pet should the worst happen. Why not take part in a First Aid course for dogs with PetTech ?


Charity & Rescue

To find a shelter in your area visit adoption is such a good way to go when looking for a new chum.